Brisbane Goannas
AWIHL Australian Womens Ice Hockey League

Goannas Squad - Pre-Season 2013

Brisbane Training Squad
WED NOV 6 9:30 PM
Iceworld Acacia Ridge, Acacia Ridge

Full Ice Practice (1hr)

About the Goannas

The Goannas Ice Hockey Team competes in the Australian Women’s Ice Hockey League (AWIHL).
The AWIHL is Australia's top competitive women's ice hockey league and features teams from Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne playing for the Joan McKowen Cup.

If you’re interested in being a welcomed member of our team; as a player, administrator, volunteer, sponsor or supporter, let us know and we will mail you out any important dates and events coming up.

The Goannas have past and current members from around the world and across Australia; international players from Canada, Sweden, Switzerland and U.S.A.

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